To change GPIO Internal Pull-Up/Pull-Down state


I would try to set internal pull-up/pull-down.
I have several questions in the following capture.

  1. In the Pull Strength, Is the “100k” Internal resistor for pull-up/pull-down?

  2. Does the Pin State mean default setting from factory?

  3. Do I have to set the Internal Pull-up or Pull-down in Req. Initial State when I want to change the state?

hello sumin.lee,

please access Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide via download center for the details of internal resistor.
according to the pinmux spreadsheets, it shows the default pin configurations, you may have customization to change the settings.
if your board schematic differs from that for Jetson TX2 Developer Kit board, you must change the pinmux configuration applied by the software; please also refer to developer guide, Pinmux Changes for reference,

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