Disable internal pull on GPIOs

I’m trying to connect some active low buttons to a Jetson Nano, and discovered that it’s more than a little effort to disable the internal pull-down resistor on the GPIOs. All I really found on the subject was Gpio pull_up_down mode - #8 by 111convit which made me think this isn’t the kind of thing that’s easy to change. Has progress been made on this front since that post? I’d really rather not rebuild the kernel or device tree.

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hello user103826,

may I know which pin you’re going to configure?
it’s pinmux configuration to change the default pin settings, there’s Jetson-IO for Configuring Jetson Expansion Header.

I tried jetson-io.py, but it seems to only be able to enable functions like PWM or serial buses. The specific pins I’m trying to configure are 32, 40, 22, 38, 35, 37, 18, and 29 on the 40-pin header.

hello user103826,

please share the modification you’ve done,
had you also try modify the pinmux configuration file to update the default pin settings?

What pinmux configuration file? Are you talking about the spreadsheet that generates a device tree? Does that mean the answer to my original question is no?

hello user103826,

yes, the excel file to generates a device tree.

there’re two approaches to modify the pin settings, Jetson-IO create the device tree overlay (i.e. *.dtbo ) to overwrite the settings when system boot into linux kernel; the other approach is the pinmux configuration, this is the device tree settings for system to load while booting-up.

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