OpenCL / GL interop crash

I’m experiencing GPU crashes/freezes when the number of objects in a VBO, used in CL/GL interop, is exceeding ~32k objects.
The VBO stores the world transforms of instanced objects, rendered using glDrawElementsInstanced/GLSL.

When using glBufferSubData to initialize part of the VBO more objects can be handled, but occasional crashes still happen.
It is not clear if the problem is in my implementation or a bug in NVIDIA’s OpenCL-GL interop implementation.
This is using a Geforce GTX260, with latest graphics driver 275.33 WHQL (released 2011.06.01), and CUDA/OpenCL SDK cudatoolkit_4.0.17_win_64 (Windows 7, 64bit).

Does anyone have similar experience? Can someone verify attached testbed?
Just open the Visual Studio 2008 solution in build\nvidia_vs2008\0MySolution.sln and build/run. Increase the number of objects by uncommenting line 8 in opencl\opengl_interop\main.cpp
Erwin (817 KB)

in case someone is interested: it was just some user error, it is working great now.