OpenCV: 3.3.1 compiled CUDA:NO

why my nano’s opencv compile CUDA is No and Performance is inactive?

  • NVIDIA Jetson NANO/TX1
    • Jetpack 4.2 [L4T 32.1.0]
    • CUDA GPU architecture 5.3
  • Libraries:
    • CUDA 10.0.166
    • cuDNN
    • TensorRT
    • Visionworks
    • OpenCV 3.3.1 compiled CUDA: NO
  • Jetson Performance: inactive

May I know what is this app doing? I am not sure what does “jetson performance: inactive” mean.

Please note that opencv3.3.1 in jetpack/sdkmanager does not have cuda enabled. There are lots of thread on this forum about it. Please check. Thanks.

thanks,this app is a robot development kit I bought from the online store ,it’s core is the Jeston Nano development board .but I find the manual(in the development kit) shows the Jeston Performance is inactive and opencv3.3.1 copmiled CUDA:YES.i will ask the seller for help.

I guess the “inactive” performance from that app may indicate your system clks are not pulled up.
You may need to run “sudo jetson_clocks”.

thanks,I will try it.