Opencv compatibility


I have just installed the latest jetson-nano-sd-r32.2-2019-07-16.img which has opencv 3.3.1 as part of it. When I install “sudo apt install python3-opencv” and checked the version, it is 3.2.0. what is the best way to upgrade python3-opencv to 3.3.1 (or does it matter)?
I have already tried “sudo apt install python3-opencv==3.3.1” but did not work.

Thank you in advance.

What you install from apt-get depends on your Linux version, thus if you don’t change anything(manually adding some deb… etc.), apt-get would always install 3.2.0 python-opencv.

An alternative is to install opencv3.3.1 manually and configure that you want to build opencv-python too. This is more related to opencv issue, so I think you may find the method on opencv forum.

@WayneWWW thank you for your response. Do the Jetson Nano and its dependencies support opencv 4.1.0?

Actually, we don’t know whether there would be any thing missing or not. Opencv has lots of samples and library. If they claim it can run on ubuntu system, then it shall be okay.