Opencv cv2 autocomplete

Installed Jetpack 4.3 on my Jetson nano and I’m trying to work with the already built version of opencv that came with the Jetpack.

I’m using pycharm and I’m able to import cv2.

The problem is that pycharm cannot find reference to cv2 functions (- the autocomplete is not working).
cv2 functions are marked in yellow marking meaning it cannot find the reference,
but I do able to run my program if I don’t have a typo in function’s names.

Is there a way to get the autocomplete on the Jetpack’s built opencv?

I am just wondering if this is a real built-in opencv because the built-in opencv does not enable opencv in python.

Well yes
Jetpack 4.3 comes with opencv 4.1.1,
In python I’m able to import cv2 without any other installation