Opencv with Jetson Nano 4Gb

Hello guys,

What is the oldest version I can install on my Jetson Nano 4Gb? I would like to install Opencv 3.1.0 (because of Osiris library that was created on 2016) but I get some problems about makefiles and no rule to make target install.

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I can’t tell what is the oldest opencv version that can be built (this may be related to your L4T version and Linux kernel version), but for a better future, you may alternatively try to use a version of Osiris that has been ported to more recent version of opencv.
The following builds fine with recent versions of JetPack, but not tested with real cases, though:

On my Jetson Nano I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, #R32, Revision 7.2

I have no experience with R32.7.2, it may run a Linux-4.x kernel and maybe you would be able to build some opencv3 versions, but again I can’t tell what would be the earliest release able to build. You may try and share but I wouldn’t be able to try.

My understanding is that Osiris was mainly built against opencv1 C API using IPL image format. Both have been deprecated in early opencv-3 releases IIRC.

So my advice would be the same, try using a (C++) ported version of OSIRIS to a recent opencv version.

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