OpenGL application 0 GPU frames?

Hi, I’m writing an application using OpenGL with GLFW and GLEW.
I’m developing on a laptop with a GTX 770m, so it uses optimus. When I use the performance analyzer on my app, it tells me that an x number of frames were on the CPU, while 0 were on the GPU, and when I run the graphics debugger it tells me that my frame buffers are not GPU residents. I’ve set my nvidia gpu as the default gpu in my driver settings, but this problem still persists. Is it actually running on the intel gpu instead of the nvidia one for some reason? How can I fix this?


Will Cassella

Hi Will,

This may be because optimus is not disabled. You may have to do it in the BIOS. Please double check that you are able to turn off optimus on that laptop and how to.
That should do it.