OpenGL Sync to VBlank not working as expected


I use OpenGL interoperability to display my cuda results, which are basically the rendering of an HD image on the screen acquired at 59.94Hz. Although the Vsync setting is set in nvidia-settings (and I know it is correctly applied since glxgears runs at the screen framerate when “Sync to VBlank” is set), both my openGL application and the SDK’s simpleGL shows image tearing, independently of the display used.

Any idea why this behavior? VSync is suposed to eliminate image tearing in openGL applications right?

Thank you for any help,

Rui Melo

EDIT: I am using cuda 5.0, under Ubuntu 11.10 clean install with no updates and tried with driver 304.54, 304.64 and 310.19. I am testing on a GeForce 9800GT.

Bahhhh, forget about it. Sorry to wast you time guys, it was the composit of my window manager that was active by default and was messing with the Vsync setting in some manner… No more tearing, as expected :)