Opensm Pkey table is full

opensm says

ERR 0512: Failed to set PKey 0xffff because Pkey table is full for node 0xb8cef603007e0d6e port 1

We are not using partitions.

Although I note that opensm.conf has the line

partition_config_file /etc/opensm/partitions.conf

That file does not exist.

Anyhow, why this particular client? There are ~900 nodes in this fabric.

Then there is the error, probably related

ERR 1F1B: Ports src 0xb8cef603005d47ce and dst 0xb8cef603007e0d6e  do not have any shared PKeys

The ‘src’ does not show up with ERR 0512, though.

What might be behind this?


This host was crazy, quite simply. Reboot has helped.

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