Why is Linux telling me P_Key 0x8001 is not found ?

I’m trying to setup a partition on an sx6036 switch between two linux hosts. I’ve defined a partition on the switch having Pkey 0x0001with “Full/ALL” Membership. I’ve added the PKey to the linux hosts with echo 0x0001 > /sys/class/net/ib1/create_child which created a virtual nic named ib1.8001 on both. I’ve assigned 172.100.1.x/24 to each ib1.8001 but unable to ping between them. Both linux hosts report P_Key 0x8001 is not found and ib1.8001: link is not ready. I presume the link is down since the Pkey isn’t found, but why is the Pkey not found? Thanks.

Hello Dee,

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Based on your information provided, we want to re-share the following information.

There are special requirements for the names of IPoIB P_Key interfaces.

All IPoIB P_Keys range from 0x0000 to 0x7fff, and the high bit, 0x8000, denotes that membership in a P_Key is full membership instead of partial membership.

The Linux kernel’s IPoIB driver only supports full membership in P_Key subnets, so for any subnet that Linux can connect to, the high bit of the P_Key number will always be set. That means that if a Linux computer joins P_Key 0x0001, its actual P_Key number once joined will be 0x8001, denoting that we are full members of P_Key 0x0001.

For this reason, when creating a P_Key definition on a switch or in an opensm partitions.conf file on a node which is running OpenSM, it is required to specify a P_Key value without 0x8000, but when defining the P_Key IPoIB interfaces on the Linux clients, add the 0x8000 value to the base P_Key value.

In this situation, you need to create the child interface by the following syntax:

# echo 0x8001 > /sys/class/net/ib1/create_child

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