Options for Analogue Output for Jetson TX" Developer Kit

Hi All,

I’m about to design/develop a system that requires control of 2 analogue output. As there is no direct analogue output on the developer kit, as far as I know, I want to use a DAC chip.

Currently I’m looking at a MCP4822 DAC (a cheap dual channel 12 bit DAC), that uses a SPI interface. My question is, if this will work with the Jetson using Python without too much work? What are the alternatives?

Thanks in advance.


You may need to check with vendor if can provide driver, otherwise you may need some modify to support it.

Thanks for the quick reply Shane.

Okay, that requires a bit of work I think. Is there an alternative “normal” way to control an analogue output?


There are no A/D converters, nor D/A converters on the Jetson itself. You’d have to add that yourself.