OptiX 3.5+ Survey


It’s been nearly two weeks now since I submitted the application that was supposed to take a “couple” (read: two) of days to review. Nvidia’s lack of responsiveness is causing unnecessary schedule pressure. I have two current NASA projects and one past (LADEE) that are waiting diligently for your response.

I emailed optix-commercial@nvidia.com seven days ago regarding both the wait and the prospect of becoming a commercial OptiX developer. I sent another follow-up email to optix-commercial@nvidia.com a few days ago.

No reply. To either. As far as I can tell, it’s been radio silence for two weeks from Nvidia, which is more than a little frustrating for me, and embarrassing for Nvidia.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you for alerting us that we missed your email. We appologize for our late reply, but you should find a reply in your email box now.

  • Phil

We are running into the same problem here and our deadline is a couple weeks away. We have invested substantial amount of time and money into Optix and believed that it could bring our product to next level. We need rights to distribute Optix or it would though us back a year.

Am I correct to assume we need the optix commercial license in order to ship our product?