Optix 5 Change in Behavior

I have a Dell 5520 with an NVIDIA M1200 and Intel HD Graphics 530. In Optix 4.1.1, my program runs as expected. In Optix 5.0 and 5.1, my call to:


throws an exception with an error code of 999 and an error message of “Invalid context”.

This does not occur on other computers without the Intel GPU.

I’m assuming this also happens for the pre-compiled OptiX SDK examples?
Then this might just be an outdated NVIDIA display driver.
OptiX 5 requires a newer display driver with support for a newer CUDA version than OptiX 4.
Please check the OptiX Release Notes on its download site.

Yes, the driver was this issue. Thank you for the quick response. My apologies for not ‘reading the manual’.