[OptiX 7.0.0] Print from OptiX Program


Is it possible to print messages from OptiX 7.0.0 programs? After some reading, I found my hardware is not suitable for NSight Next-Gen debugging so I wonder if it is possible to use something like rtPrintf as in early OptiX versions.


My environment:
Windows 10, x64
Nvidia GTX 750Ti
Driver version: 441.87
CUDA 10.1
OptiX 7.0.0

Solved! You do it like in any regular cuda kernel.

printf("%f \n", 1.23456f)

Just make sure to include:

#include <stdio.h>

However, I’m still interested in NSight debugging my OptiX programs. As far as I know, Nsight Nex-Gen debugger needs Pascal, Volta or Turing architectures, but is it required to enable TCC driver mode? do I need 2 GPU’s, one for display and another for code to run?