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If my translation support is correct you are looking for Optix+CUDA+OpenGL hybrid programming?

Good question, maybe @dhart knows about good resources?


Hi @450422824,

The way to use OptiX and OpenGL together in a hybrid renderer is through CUDA-OpenGL intertop. We do have some systematic documentation for this in the form of CUDA-OpenGL samples in the CUDA Samples repository here: GitHub - NVIDIA/cuda-samples: Samples for CUDA Developers which demonstrates features in CUDA Toolkit

If you click each section, you can search the page for “OpenGL”. I see one CUDA-OpenGL interop sample in each section 0, 2, and 4, and then about 11 CUDA-OpenGL samples in section 5 “Domain Specific”.

This forum thread might also have some hints for you: Modern GL Interop

I don’t think there is anything specific to OptiX that you need to know, the bulk of the problem is figuring out how to pass data between CUDA buffers and OpenGL resources, so these CUDA-OpenGL samples should give you a good place to launch from. The design of what data to pass between OpenGL and OptiX is entirely application dependent and wildly different from app to app, so if you do end up with OptiX specific questions about what data to use, or would like application design advice, feel free to ask in the OptiX forum and we can offer suggestions based on a more detailed description of your specific goals.