Orin AGX - Dual GIGE architectural options

Hello. Just getting started on reading the Orin AGX module datasheets. I am working on a high level spec and block diagram for a custom AGX-Orin carrier board. This carrier board needs to have two gigabit ethernet ports. Curious what options there are to implement this. Both ports will be heavily utilized.
Option A:
PORT 1: Utilize the RGMII port and required GIGE PHY + magnetics.
PORT 2: Connect to (1/4) MGBE and implement a PHY like Marvel AQR113C single port + magnetics.

Option B:
Both PORT 1/2: Connect to the (2/4) MGBE fabric with a DUAL (or QUAD, whichever is actually available) port MGBE PHY + magnetics.

I am not too comfortable yet with the driver side (need to present some hardware options to the software team) and so it may make more sense to go with one over the other.

This custom carrier board also needs to implement:
(1) USB 3.0
(1) 4x PCIe M.2 NVME SSD

If I am interpreting the this table correctly I must utilize Configuration #1 to implement these features. This points me to Option A, deploying a gige phy on the native rgmii interface and a single port MGBE PHY.

Thanks for your time


x1 MGBE + x1 RGMII are available solution.

@WayneWWW thank you.