[ORIN] error "nvidia-smi" on Ubuntu 20.04

When I use jetson agx orin 64GB Developer Kit, it doesn’t show up with" nvidia-smi "command
No response using “ubuntu-drivers devices”. So try to install driver version 535.129.03,
But every time the installation is completed and the device is restarted, the screen will be black, the system will hang, and the system needs to be reinstalled

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Hi @tedelon1990, nvidia-smi isn’t available on Jetson devices, and it isn’t expected for it to be installed. Also, the NVIDIA L4T drivers and CUDA are already installed when you flashed your device with SDK Manager - installing the ubuntu drivers will result in your GPU not working (because those are meant for discrete GPU). Recommend reflashing your device, and this time not installing the ubuntu graphics drivers.

Most GPUs which you are used to are discrete GPUs (dGPU), whereby they sit on the PCI bus and have their own VRAM. Jetsons have an integrated GPU (iGPU), which is wired directly to the memory controller. If you’ve installed a driver for a dGPU (and any driver other than those from JetPack/SDK Manager will be for a dGPU), then you might need to flash your system again. It’s the wrong driver. The lack of nvidia-smi is for the same reason: This app requires PCI bus access, but the iGPU is not on the PCI bus.

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