Nvidia-driver for Orin NX


How to install nvidia-driver to Jetson Linux 35.2.1 release?

I tried sudo apt install nvidia-driver-510, but it fails.

And nvidia-smi tool is not available:

demo@tegra-ubuntu:~$ nvidia-smi
-bash: nvidia-smi: command not found

Thank you.

You can only install via JetPack/SDK Manager using the same release as currently installed on the Jetson. Jetsons have an integrated GPU (iGPU) which is wired directly to the memory controller. Most of the packages you find “out in the wild” expect a PCI based GPU. nvidia-smi is from one such package and can only function with GPUs on the PCI bus (a discrete GPU, or dGPU). Any software which needs nvidia-smi cannot be used. Installing a non-Jetson driver would likely mean you need to flash again. The default install already has the GPU driver.

The GUI installer (JetPack/SDK Manager) version is tied to the actual flashed software version (the L4T software). You can find information for particular releases here:


Please try linuxdev’s suggestion to install through SDKManager.


I want to measure and compare performance of different Nvidia CPU.

For this purpose I use hashcat tool:

On Xavier NX and Orin AGX I successfully executed this tool. I must install CUDA and nvidia-driver pack for this tool.

But on Orin NX I can’t execute this tool, because it fails.


I thought that nvidia-driver is needed.

Could you please advise me the way for resolving this issue?

Hi,are you use Xavier NX carrier board or Orin NX devkit?

Hi, we use custom carrier board.

Thank you for your reply,could you share your write jetpack5.1 OS command?Do your custom carrier board compatible Xavier NX 8GB core board?

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks

Unfortunately, I still have a problem with running hashcat on Orin NX platform.

nvidia-smi is not supported on Jetson platforms. If hashcat depends on nvidia-smi, it should not work on either Jetson platform. It is bit strange it works on Xavier NX and AGX Orin.

We don’t have much experience about hashcat. Would need other users to share suggestion.

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