Orin MIDI ALSA disconnect

Hi i just got the Orin Nano dev kit , which runs software made for the previous Nano, so thanks for that.
Now i encountered an issue.
While on the old machinery my midi controler drove the software, on the new Orin nano however it does not.
Even a simple rawmidi dump to screen seems to work just one time , then if you start up again it just hangs.
How can i keep using my midicontroler for my home grown software ?
regards DO_Ray

Please check the troubleshooting section to see if can help: Audio Setup and Development — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (nvidia.com)

It is not an Audio error it is an MIDI error, the curious thing is, it does work on the first time, so i don expect to see anything suspicious in dmesg. (i haven’t looked there yet).

Hi DO_Ray

Can you please share more details for me to understand the problem better?
What exactly is the use case and MIDI HW you are using? Please share some background.
What works in the first cycle?
Share error logs if you see any.