Orin nano not working

I bought Nvidia Orin nano from amazon. I followed the same steps Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Getting Started | NVIDIA Developer to start my nvidia orin nano kit - but its not working at all. I am using sanddisk 64 GB microSDXC card and ubuntu 18.04, 4gb. My ubuntu is situated on a dual os system with windows 11.

What could be the possible reason ? After I insert my flased microsd card in the orin nano kit and plug in the power cable, power up the laptop- it asks for ubuntu or windows and once I select ubuntu directly takes me to login pass - no sign of nvidia background.

I have also tried with sdk manager with wsl and ubuntu - but none of them are working.

Help is appreciated.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

What does systems on your laptop have to do with Jetson.

Dump the log.
We don’t do telepathy.

I think I am not flashing the SD card properly. Can anyone tell me how to format and flash used SD card step by step.

Use SDK Manager:

I have 4gb Ram that’s not letting me install the sdk properly calling it insufficient system requirements.
Can you please tell me if anything is wrong with this website Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Getting Started | NVIDIA Developer, if I am trying to flash with windows ?
The card will be flashed as NTFS or Fat32 ?

I still have totally no idea what you are talking about.
You mean your Ubuntu host PC only gets 4GB RAM, and SDK Manager are not allowed to be installed?
Can you please revise your words again? Your description has been very unorgazied.

Mostly it will not work.

Yes, host machine will not support sdk installation.

That’s why I want to flash microsd and then use that to boot up my Jetson orin nano - which is independent of any host machine.

Everytime I power on my nividia orin kit - for few seconds it loads Nvidia screen with esc, boot manager and continue to boot options, then becomes dark saying no signal from DP and goes in sleep mode and the fan of my orin runs forever.

I still believe my flashing of microsd (jetpack 6.0) is incorrect somehow.

Then you need a host PC that you can install SDK Manager on.
Nothing complicated.

I have said, mostly it will not fix the issue.