Orin NX Over the Air updates

Hi, I’m trying to create an Image based OTA package for orin NX, I would like to know if this is supported
for this board since the documentation nor the scripts help messages mention it (for instance what name should
I use when the scripts require a board name such as here (step 7):


At the moment I’m mainly interested in updating the Rootfs only (the device is flashed with a double rootfs layout)

Hi lorenzo.ruffati,

For the Orin-NX/Nano, since the r35.3 is the first public release, so we will support image-based OTA from r35.3 to r35.3+ in the next JP5.1.2 (r35.4).

Understood, is there a process to create “User release” updates (just changing the rootfs contents) or not yet?

Thanks for the help

What contents in rootfs you want to update?
There are some device trees and kernel image in rootfs too.
You could use backup/restore feature to update them only.

What contents in rootfs you want to update?

I’m looking to have a generic system for updating content on the rootfs, this could be adding configuration files or binaries. I want to avoid using apt or other package management to maintain a consistent state across devices and roll back atomically to the other partition if any component fails

You could use backup/restore feature to update them only.

From what I see in the documentation you link this method requires an external host in order to perform the restore so it’s not applicable in my case

It seems image-based OTA is what could meet your requirement.

Is there any way for me to perform an image based OTA on Orin NX at the moment or it won’t be available until the next version of Jetpack?

Sorry, it should be available for you until next Jetpack release(JP5.1.2) to verify.

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