OTA Orin NX BSP/OS level

We have a custom carrier board which custom BSP ( which built on the base BSP Nvidia Provider). We saw that Nvidia provide a way to Updating Jetson Linux with Image-Based Over-the-Air Update
NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Over-the-Air Update | NVIDIA Docs

Jetpack 5 says the Orin NX has support on OTA but the link above does not mention Orin NX nor Orin at all.

Can you tell which is right?
two more questions:

  1. can we use to upgrade Orin NX
  2. can we use to upgrade an exist system that runs Xavier AGX4.5 and 4.5.1 systems?


For Orin OTA mechanism, please check Software Packages and the Update Mechanism — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (nvidia.com)

Upgrading from release 32.x to release 35.x is not supported.

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