Orin NX TPM 2.0 SPI support

We have an Orin NX on a custom carrier board with a 2.0 TPM device communicating via SPI.
Its my first time working with TPM and SPI driver and I have few question please:

  1. I read that the upstream tpm spi driver is good for this device but what about the device tree and kernel configuration? where can I find relevant documentation? (for example configuring the device tree properly)

  2. I didn’t find any tpm related information in the developer guide. Are there any SoM specific instructions for working with tpm 2?

  3. Its not related directly to Orin NX SoM but I’ll be happy to get some guidance regarding how to verify that the tpm is configured and working correctly


Hi BSP_User,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?
Which TPM module are you using?

Have you enabled and verify SPI interface before use TPM?

JP 5.1.1
TPM 2.0 with spi interface, specific module: ST33TPHF20SPI ,
website: https://www.st.com/en/secure-mcus/st33tphf20spi.html#documentation

I didn’t enabled the SPI interface yet (unless its enabled by default)

I would suggest you refer to following steps to verify SPI loopback test first, and you get better understanding of how SPI works and its address.
We don’t have the porting guide for this module. You may request the vendor for those documents to enable kernel config and device tree configuration.

Thank you for your answer.

  1. Which following steps (to verify SPI loopback)?

  2. The vendor provides such device tree configuration instructions for one of the raspberry pie boards.
    My question is if there are not any Nvidia specific device tree bindings which differ from device tree bindings
    on other platforms?

following is the device tree modification instructions from the vendor documentation:

Thank you for your patience.

Sorry that I forgot to update the link.
Jetson Nano SPI Bus Not Working - #10 by KevinFFF

Which SPI interface would you like to use for TPM module?

what do you mean by which SPI interface?

There are 2 SPI interfaces for Orin NX as following.

Which one would you like to use for TPM?

Thank you for your elaboration.
Currently I don’t have specific requirement for using one over the other. Is that matter?

Yes, it matters which SPI node you would need to enable and modify for TPM module.

lets say its SPI 0. (if it turns out to be 1 I assume your help/instructions will be applicable as well?)

Please just port this configuration to spi0: spi@3210000.

Thank you. I’ll try and update soon

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