Orin NX UART0 测试 RS232 失败

Orin NX UART1->/dev/ttyTHS0 ,UART0是多少?我们在系统中看到还有/dev/ttyTHS3, /dev/ttyTHS4,UART0是对应其中的一个吗?我们进行了这两个节点的测试,依然测试不通RS-232.

Hi 814294789,

What UART cable are you using?

We’re using TX/RX cable, connect usb cable from host to Jetson J14 pin header (TX/RX/GND).
Then we can use /dev/ttyUSB* to enable UART.

我们是将TX RX短接,CTS RTS短接,采用自发自收的方式进行测试的。目前不清楚UART0映射的是/dev/ttyTHS3还是/dev/ttyTHS4?如果UART0映射的是上面两个节点中的一个,我们进行测试的结果是都失败。


Please refer to the device tree file here.


You can use the Orin NX design guide to find out the mapping.

For example, pin #99,101,103,150 is UART0 on module. But the SOC signal is UART2, thus, you need to refer to uart b in the device tree dtsi.

Could you paste link about the Orin NX design guide at here?

You can search it on the download center.

I resolved it. In Jetpack5.1_R35.2.1 for Jetson Orin nx, enable serial@3110000 , then /dev/ttyTHS1 created, RS232 worked.


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