Orin restore on new module but fail

I backup my image to restore on a new module,in most cases it can be success,but sometimes it fails,I want to find out what the problem it is.
But terminal just simply output that you are trying to flash images from a board model that does not match the current board you’re flashing onto,I’m sure that the model types are same,I backup with orin nano 8g module and restore with new orin nano 8g module,I don’t know why it remind me about mismatching.

I solve it with comment the line 284-288 in nvrestore_partitions.sh,where that may course the output about does not match,but I still wanna know what the reason is.

就算都是Orin Nano 8GB,model name可能也會稍微不一樣,通常是因為它們是不同時間生產的

Ok I got it.Thanks!

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