Orin 外接switch(88EA6321) 驱动有时候可以加载有时候驱动不加载

error_dmesg.txt (67.6 KB)

please provide full log instead of screenshot.

dmesg switch_normal.txt (66.4 KB)
dmesg switch_error.txt (67.6 KB)

Ensure that before Orin boots up, the Switch is powered on.


Please check with switch vendor. This part is not what NV can help…

Hello, CaiHaotong123 and I are colleagues. There is a phenomenon where the Xavier module is connected to the Switch module, and the Switch module can start normally every time. However, the Orin module sometimes has the problem of not being able to start when connected to the Switch module, and the probability is relatively high. Is printing poll_check: time out related to the configuration of Pinnux? We have checked the configuration of eqos pinmux according to official guidelines. Do you need to take a look? Is there any other suggestion you can provide? thanks

Actually switch is 3rdparty external entity which is out of nvidia scope and you may need to contact the switch vendor for the help…

It could be timing issue/difference between Orin and Xavier according to your comment.

A pinmux problem would not be intermittent issue. It shall be either working or not working all the time. Won’t be “sometimes it work and sometimes it does not work”.

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Hello, we conducted an experiment using ORIN’s development kit (JETSON AGX ORIN) to integrate ethernet@2310000 The device tree has been changed to a PHY that is attached to it, referring to the content in tegr234-p3711-etheret.dtsi. After burning the image and device tree into the development kit, it still prints “ethernet: [poll_check] [42] [type: 0x4] [loga-0x0] poll_check: timeout, net eth0: failed to poll MAC Software reset” after startup.
Is there still a timing issue on the development kit?
My current software version is Jetson Linux 35.3.1. Are there any software defects in this version?
You have had clients before ethernet@2310000 Have you successfully uploaded PHY?
What is the general troubleshooting approach when encountering the problem of poll_check: timeout?
Thank you!
development kit dmesg log.txt (494.9 KB)

  1. Yes, we have many users enabling PHY on Orin custom board before.

  2. The case of switch and phy are different. “poll_check: timeout” is just a general error log. It is just like common things as “I hit a bug”, but bug has many kind of reasons. Same to this error log.

You need to clarify what things you want to do here. If you want to check PHY issue, you could file a new topic and we can check it there.

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