Orin USB0 and UPHY_TX1/RX1 not working connect to Type A connector

Orin 4 USB2.0 and 3 USB3.2 all used, and all connect to USB Type A connector on our custom carrier borad.
But USB0 and UPHY_TX1/RX1 not working,others usb working normally.
What are the possible causes of this problem?

If you didn’t change the device tree from default jetpack, then it may not work as the default device tree is for type C.

Is there a demo about how to change the device tree?

please refer to document over here.


we changed data-role = “dual” to “host”,but not useful


Please try to read the document more carefully…

That “ccg_typec_con1” is for type C to use. If your design is not using typeC, then you cannot change the property under that node…

Can you tell me which parameters need to be changed,not a ducment

1.vbus pin和ID pin没有找到对应的pin,是否只需要在设备树上绑定一个未使用的pin并将状态设置为下图即可?
vbus-gpio = <&tegra_main_gpio TEGRA234_MAIN_GPIO(P, 4) GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
id-gpio = <&tegra_main_gpio TEGRA234_MAIN_GPIO(AC, 3) GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
2.tegra_xudc: xudc@3550000 是否需要设置为disabled

完整的otg mode包含device跟host mode做切換
如果是只要host mode or device mode其中一種, 那你就不應該說你想要用otg模式…

而且otg模式要切換你一定需要有vbus pin/ID pin…
如果你那邊有硬體設計的人員, 麻煩也跟他討論一下…他應該會比較清楚硬體需求.

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