USB0 not working at ORIN AGX

I design a mother board for the ORIN AGX.
I’m using 2 USB 3.x.
USB0 is not working when I assamble the ORIN AGX on my board.
When I assamble the same ORIN AGX to the EVB, the USB0 is working.
What might be the problem?

Actually this is kind of a very hard question to answer…because I don’t know your board at all.

If your hardware is different from Orin AGX devkit, then of course default software won’t work.

My question is- Is there a discrete or something in the software the disable the USB0?

I am not sure what do you mean “discrete” here.

Let me use a simple way to describe. The Orin AGX devkit USB0 is using a type C PD controller.

If your design is not based on type C, it will not work.

If your design is type C but not same controller as devkit, it will not work.

If your design is not using same power supply as devkit, it will not work.

So that is why I don’t have answer to your question. I can guarantee the default software is not disabling usb0. But I don’t know how to answer your question because I know nothing about your board.

Please refer to the design guide document and also the usb software porting guide in the L4T developer guide.

I’m not using USB type C.
Why is it important if it connect to type C or type A (as i’m using)?

Type A port won’t support OTG function.

The hardware design is different so the software configuration will not be same…

So what the configuration I need to configure so the USB0 will work on my board?

Read the document please…

So I need to configure the USB as a device so I can work with Type A?

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