Orin? When?

It looks like the entire Jetson ecosystem has stalled. It’s more than 3 months since we had the Orin announcement for “early 2022”. Is there any update, or a semblance of timing, for this? I want to get started with building prototypes… and even the Xavier is now MIA in UK… nowhere to be seen without multi-month lead times.

I know there’s a silicon supply chain issue; all the more reason for Nvidia to give us a timing update.

Hi thomas33, We announced last Fall for Q12022 availability. I don’t have any concern at this point, so please expect that schedule.

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Ask your local distributors, I have got some response that they are accepting pre-orders now. (price is already available)

Okay so Nvidia still shows at as “Notify Me”. I will contact local dealers but can you tell me what price you are seeing in dollars (or pounds), and in which location?

About twice of the price of Xavier, in my location

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