ORIN'S GPU utilization rate

I want to evaluate GPU utilization rate on orin,so i use jtop tools and tegrastats cmd.

the picture show data of gpu utilization rate.it always achieve 100% usage of gpu at some point but in other period the data is 0.I don’t know how to
Get the overall usage correctly,however i can get an accurate figure when i excude nvidia-smi on 3090 such as 8% .
If you know the solutiuon or the problem,please tell me.
thanks a lot.

I can’t answer on the Jetson, but nvidia-smi won’t work. An ordinary PC uses a PCIe based GPU, a discrete GPU (dGPU). Jetsons have the GPU wired directly to the memory controller, and an integrated GPU (iGPU). Tools and drivers and other software which depend on the PCI bus for query (including nvidia-smi) won’t work on Jetsons. Perhaps there is some other way to measure, but I don’t know what it is.

There is Jetson Power GUI app for that. See:

And the GPU utilization graph:

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Thanks a lot

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