OS X 10.9.5, PGI 10.10; pgroupd dies

I searched for this topic and found a similar issue for IDL/ENVI, fixed there by reinstalling their software with either a patch or an updated install package.

After I hadn’t needed to use the compilers for some time I tried to bring up the license server with no success. At first it errored out saying that the previously working symlink to the license file was broken (file didn’t exist). When I created a link from the default /usr/local/flexlm/licenses it read the file but bombed out, reason 5, vendor daemon can’t talk to the license server.

ps aux | grep pgroupd showed a process running until that error message

The console showed no messages regarding pgroupd, but each time the following message was logged regarding lmgrd:
Dec 22 13:17:47 evilwork2 kernel[0]: CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page(0x100000000): p=4546[lmgrd] final status 0x0, allowing (remove VALID) page

I’ve tried with my default zsh shell as well as a clean bash shell with no difference.

I deleted both lmgrd and pgroupd from the firewall configuration. I was only asked to allow incoming connections for lmgrd.

I briefly turned off the firewall with no joy.

I last compiled a c++ code on 9 November, and I don’t recall any security updates since then. The fact that the same error was reported here:

makes me think it’s not something unique to my own system, however the absence of it here makes me wonder.

I would welcome any suggestions as to how to proceed.

Hi Kelly,

Did Xcode get updated? We generally see this type of issue when a new Xcode is installed and the Xcode License agreement wasn’t agreed to. Unfortunately, the license agreement must be accepted every time Apple updates your Xcode.

While this doc is a year old, it should still help you walk you through the process of accepting the Xcode license agreement.

Hope this helps,

Indeed Xcode did get updated on all my machines, and I have noticed oddities about sometimes being prompted and other times not on the various updates/systems.

I’ll give this a go first thing in the morning and bring the thread to a close hopefully.


I fired up Xcode (been doing reports and interactive analysis with python and IDL, so this was the first time), agreed to the license but still have the same problem.

I can’t reboot until right before Christmas Day since some model runs need to finish and a draft report needs to go out, but will see if turning it off and turning it back on again will help. If not I should have time to do more detailed investigation.