OTA upgrade custom TX2 partition

I wanted to customize the TX2 partition myself, but the OTA chapter MSI_EMMC_OFFSET=0x73FC00000; Some confusion, how to get this value, I customized partition to change this value?


What kind of customization are you trying to do?

I want to add some partitions to the xml file


Are you using Image based OTA upgrade?

please refer to the “customization” section of the document.


I read the document, but I don’t understand this part of it

  • How do I determine the size of the MSI EMMC OFFSET value?

I think it should be okay to stick to original size. Any problem with that ?

Because I added some partitions to the system, I’m not sure if it affects the value of the address

If it does not affect, the value of this address should only be for 32G size emmc, I have the TX2-NX module in my hand, its emmc size is only 16G, this value should not be used, right?


I wonder what file are you referring to now. TX2-NX shall not include this configuration " MSI_EMMC_OFFSET"

After the ota_tools_R32.7.3_aarch64.tbz2 file is extracted, the jetson-tx2-R32A-R32i-emmc.conf file has the writing "MSI_EMMC_OFFSET=0x73FC00000; "

How should I calculate the value of “MSI_EMMC_OFFSET”

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

I haven’t solved the problem yet