Image-based OTA customization

Dear Nvidia team,

we are trying to use the Image-based OTA update procedure on a Jetson Xavier NX 16GB and we are having some troubles understanding the provided documentation on customization.

Here’s what we want to achieve:
We want to upgrade from Jetpack 4.4 (L4T 32.4.3) to Jetpack 5.1.2(L4T 35.4.1).
Now the Jetson is booting to eMMC where a service is running that sets the rootfs to point to the SSD. On the SSD we also have Jetpack 4.4 and our SW (+ dependencies) running. The SSD has 3 partitions.
After the update it should boot natively from the SSD. What files need to be changed to achieve this behaviour?

Some small text files should be preserved. Is the ota_backup_files_list.txt the correct place to add them?

We have a custom carrierboard/BSP + 3rd party camera drivers. Do we have to apply this customizations also to the base release (JP 4.4) or only to the new one for creating the OTA payload?

Hi benjamin.resch,

Do you mean that your board is boot from eMMC but mount SSD as rootfs?

Yes, please specify the data you want to preserve after update.

You should apply them yo the target BSP to generate OTA package.
But you should already have these customizations in JP4.4, which is running on you board currently.

It seems R35.4.1 is not supported with upgrading from R32.4.3.
Please refer to the following table.

You may need to perform image-based OTA 2 times like the following.
R32.4.3 → R32.7.3 → R35.4.1

Hi KevinFFF,

We followed this guide to set up this up: GitHub - jetsonhacks/rootOnNVMe: Switch the rootfs to a NVMe SSD on the Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier
So, yes it boots from the eMMC and the rootfs is on the SSD.

Here I’m not sure what I need to configure, so the OTA works for this scenario.

Ok thanks! We will try to update twice then.

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