OTA Image-Based for custom carrier board

Dear NVidia Team

We want to test the image-based OTA Update according to the guide:

We customized Device Tree and Bootloader Config Files for our carrier board. Can you provide the necessary steps to build the ota packages for such customizations? Probably instead of using the “target_board” name like “jetson-agx-xavier-devkit”, we would need to add our custom board as we did for the flash.sh tools with a new configuration. In the guide are only rootfs customizations and partition layout customization described.
Furthermore we would like to know it it is possible to use a backup image for the update process instead of the standard rootfs? The backup image was created with the flash.sh tool.

Thank you for your help.
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I think you can just put your device tree and bootloader config to the target BSP and follow the step 13 to validate it first.

Please make sure that your dtb and bootloader are based on the same version as target BSP.

Hi WanyeWWW

Thank you for the answer.
As we did not want to just overwrite the dtb and bootloader for the DevKit, we added instead our board to the “ota_board_specs.conf”. Is this the right way?
So far we were able to upgrade a Xavier AGX system from JetPack 4.4 to 4.6. The Upgrade only works with a network connection, otherwise we saw that the system enters a reboot loop (nv_recovery.sh function reboot_system). Is this behavior not unwanted? Let’s say someone triggers the OTA and reboots the system. If there is no network after the reboot command, the system would become useless.
Thank you.

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For the network issue, you have to apply this patch.