Overlay Framebuffers Slow on Quadro 2000D


I have been working on systems containing Quadro 4000 graphics cards for quite awhile. I am utilizing the Framebuffer Overlay to much success. Recently however I have changed to using a Quadro 2000D and am seeing a massive drop in application performance with the Overlays Enabled (down to 2-3fps).

As soon as the Overlays are turned off, performance jumps back up to normal. I have tried using different visuals by tweaking the options passed to glxChooseVisual(…) and I have also ensure the graphics drivers are up to date and that there is not another application interfering. It has also been tested on a couple of machines, with two separate cards. The same software has been used on a Quadro 4000 card without issue.

Are there any known issues with Quadro 2000D’s and framebuffers? Is there anything I can do to increase the performance of the Overlays, or diagnose the issue any further?