Parabricks - license key for novel coronavirus research


I received an email granting me free access for 90 days to Parabricks. Is it possible to use the Parabricks 90 day free license on Google Cloud Platform?

How will I apply the license on GCP?


Thanks for choosing our solutions. You might please use this link to request the access. I don’t think we provide the service on GPC currently. Please let me know if there is further aid you need.

Thank you,


Hi Vithal,

Thank you for your interest in Parabricks. In order to run Parabricks on GCP; perhaps you can start with a Deep Learning machine image in order to obtain a virtual machine (VM) with that meets the minimum requirements. Then you should be able to run the install script that comes as part of license email. At that point it’s like doing a local installation where the Parabricks container is pulled from NGC and you should be able to launch parabricks.

Thank you for your response. I will try it.