Help with installation

I’m trying to follow this guide NVIDIA Clara Parabricks on the AWS Cloud to run parabricks on AWS.

I pulled the docker image and don’t know what to do next. In the instruction, it says ‘sudo parabricks/’
but where can I find the script?

I can skip this step and pull the image from AWS but how can I request for the trial license instead?

Does anyone run into this situation like me? Please help me on this


For the newest version of Parabricks you can follow this guide


thanks, is there a trial license for Parabricks or I have to pay everytime I run deepvariant on parabricks? Thanks

The latest version of Parabricks no longer requires a license to run it

I followed exactly the tutorial in Running Parabricks on AWS - NVIDIA Docs, creating instance with ‘g4dn.4xlarge’. When I execute the command to run pbrun germline, I received this error complaining that my GPU does not have enough of RAM.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 4.29.07 PM

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