How could I try clara parabricks?

I applied for free one-month trial parabricks license key from page.
So I got ‘NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines - Your 1-month license key’ e-mail from
However, when I clicked ‘Install Parabricks Pipelines’ link in the e-mail, it just showed the error " AccessDenied Request has expired2020-10-21T16:15:15Z2020-10-22T07:05:25Z13422F28E10EAB8Fw58ngE4rJAa66Km6pKdR8hSFB7ubnYnh8GLGxgeNqkwG7+BAQBnp9GRyOIkDtMtEoXSISTughbo=".
How could I try parabricks pipeline?


Our apologies for this mishap; it appears that there’s a new policy for the link expiration that we’ll be addressing separately - here’s an updated link pointer for you to use instead:

wget -O parabricks.tar.gz “


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Thank you for your reply.


Is it possible to run Parabricks toolkit on a CUDA-enabled GPU laptop? I have a high-end laptop with 6GB Nvidia 1660Ti and Intel Core i7 9-th gen, with 16GB of RAM. I want to practice GATK4 with GPU for my later project. I am a researcher at University of Delhi.
Please help.
Thank you