parse wrong data of HDR SEI Message set up in nvenc

I use NV_ENC_SEI_PAYLOAD as a param of NV_ENC_PIC_PARAMS to set up the HEVC HDR sei message. The decoded result is different from the data I set.

The GPU is Quadro P2000,and the driver is 390.77.

The input data is from ffmpeg decoder, and I copy the memory block to the payload.

Hi bitliangxiang,

Could you provide us which operating system you are using, and provide a sample code that can repro the issue you are encountering?

You can send the sample code to this email address:

Ryan Park

Hi rypark,

Thanks for your reply. The sample code has mailed to

Hi all,

I’ve sloved the problem. The ffmpeg decoded data is Little-Endian, I transfer it to Big-Endian then I can get the correct sei message.