Pascal D3 Power Management?

Hi! I’m aware that as things stand, there is D3 Power Management in the Linux driver for Turing and above graphics cards, enabled automatically for Ampere and above. I’m… still suffering on a laptop with a 1070M Max-Q, stranded on the islands of no power management.

I have to use optimus-manager to completely unload nvidia drivers before starting an X session, just to keep power consumption down. If this is not done, even when rendering via the integrated GPU, my system hovers around 20+W. When it IS, it can sit at 5-8W. This is a huge difference to a laptop, and the only access I have to that requires logging completely out of X sessions in order to switch between low power usage or access to GPU.

In essence, I’m asking: Is there any plan to add D3 power management to cards below Turing? Please? It would honestly be such a lifesaver.


I have an optimus laptop with a 1050 Ti,with the new 470 drivers I can now stay in integrated mode in optimus manager (lower consumption) and when I load a game,now I can use the Nvidia card (while being in integrated mode),I don’t know if this is sort of a D3 Power Management but at least this is a improvement!,the only thing doesn’t work yet is using the external display in integrated mode Reverse Prime,I still need to use optimus manager to switch to hybrid or nvidia mode to able to use it.

I’ll have to check power consumption on my next login for hybrid - if I recall correctly, it’s hybrid that has about 18W base power usage, and I have to switch specifically to integrated to get the 5-9W.

…woah, just had a moment of realisation. You can use the NVIDIA card while being in integrated mode, not hybrid?! What’s the power consumption on boot? (I use powertop while running on battery to check)

I don’t use powertop much,it says 10.4 W in integrated mode and when I switch to hybrid mode it shows 11.9 W,I don’t think thats accurate.

What I can give you that I measure is the the amount mA it consumes on battery,while not using the NVIDIA card it normally consumes 250-400 mA,when I switch to hybrid it raise to 600-800 mA,thats a big difference.

You can also see if your NVIDIA card is powered on or off if you run the command (assuming your card PCI BUS is 01:00:00)

watch -n1 -d -t cat /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.0/power/runtime_status

If its off it says suspended,if its on it says active

Here for example I’m on integrated mode,I load vkcube with the NVIDIA card

I also need RTD3 support for Pascal + 7th gen Intel CPU, I’ve tried Manjaro with 470 beta drivers but my laptop is still drawing 11W on idle vs 6W with dGPU turned off.

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