Patch for LVDS on Jetson TK1


Being a novice in Linux programming and Jetson dev board, pardon if I’m being wrong or not making myself clear here… is there any patch available for LVDS for Jetson TK1??

or anything that could make my life less dificult.


Basically parallel high-trace-count design (LVDS) is being abandoned for serial protocols (HDMI, embedded DisplayPort). The Jetson has the hardware to deal with this if you were very motivated and knowledgeable, but the only thing actually supported is HDMI or eDP. Most people who have an LVDS display they want to set up create an adapter for LVDS-to-eDP or LVDS-to-HDMI. If you choose eDP there are a few kernel config and/or dtb file config changes…HDMI probably would not need any tweaks.