Monitor LVD


I have a TFT LCD monitor which is:

I’d like to use it with my Jetson TX1 …
but I don’t know from where to start, can you help me in understanding how to build a connector for it?

The monitor is a touch screen, but for now, I’m only interested in using it as a standard monitor.

The connector pins are described at page 10/26 of this document

If useful I made more detailed photo of the monitor and the connectors, which are available at:

Thanks for any help!

The older LVDS is not supported (LVDS is going away), but you might be able to get an adapter for conversion to HDMI or eDP. Building an adapter yourself would not be easy.

Hi Linuxdev, thanks for the information.

Based on the specs of my monitor, please would you like to suggest me which adapter should I buy?
Or just point me to the right device.

A quick search on the web (eBay) lead me to:

Is my understanding that using the Jetson TX1 eDP connection, will allow me to have a second display attached to the HDMI port,
is that correct? In this case, I will prefer the eDB solution instead of the HDMI.

Thanks for your help!

Getting an adapter which actually works can be a bit tricky. In the case of HDMI your chances get better without special configuration if the adapter has EDID support (I’m not sure what you’d have to do for that), else you might still need to configure the xorg.conf file. In the case of eDP you probably need to configure the kernel differently and also edit the dtb firmware files, but I don’t know the specifics. I also am not sure of the details of simultaneous eDP and HDMI monitors…this may be an issue.

There have been many people trying to adapt an LVDS board to Jetson, especially from the RPi products. Anyone here that can comment on what has worked or failed for adapting an LVDS monitor to the Jetson?

Thanks Linuxdev,
I can add … guys, if anyone is familiar with setting up those kind of hardware (kernel rebuild, xorg re-configuration, hardware pin-out) I’ll be happy to try, buy one of those board and be a guinea pig … no problem at all if we’ll fail or take long. I can then set up a wiki page to hape others in future. Thanks!

Speaking of wiki pages…there is an official wiki for Jetson which may have additional information in line with what you are trying to learn: