Dual LVDS display support for Jetson TK1


I’m working on Jetson Tk1 board to support dual LVDS displays. Since this is the first time I’m working on Jetson board and being completely new Linux kernel programmimg, I’m looking for some tips to kick start my project. Like the files that I’ve to edit, amount of kernel programming that needs to be done and skills I’ve to acquire for current project.

As per the Jetson TK1 documentation I’ve gone through, the board supports only one LVDS display. Is there any way it can support dual Jetson TK1 displays, if so, what are the changes that I’ve to make.

Any help is really appreciated.

Making one LVDS display is not an easy work. The display output is default EDP.If you would like to use a LVDS panel,a lot of software work needs to be done.

I advise you to use edp and Hdmi to make dual displays.

One is hdmi to edp,and the other is edp.

Two panels

Could you tell me the software work that needs to be done to get the LVDS panel working…

I don’t know how to do that,but I know that is not an easy work.

Beyond this overly general information, I don’t how to answer anything more. There is kernel config required for eDP, plus some of the wiring is shared with HDMI, so you may need to alter PINMUX as well when going to the eDP layout.