Toradex Apalis TK1 dual channel LVDS

Hello everyone,
I’m using a a Toradex TK1 with a Tegra K1 and I would like to connect it to a dual channel LVDS display.
Is there any software modification in order to adapt the single lvds channel to dual channel?
The resolution of the display is 1920x720 @24 bpp.


Toradex sells its own carrier board and has the board support package for this:

Toradex provides the support for LVDS, and you would have to use their sample code for this since it is dependent upon their combination of device tree and drivers.

There are some accessory LVDS displays (see, and those are the particular hardware their sample code works with. Each LVDS has its own specifications though, so it isn’t as simple to adapt as it would be for something like HDMI or DisplayPort.

If you use one of those Toradex supported LVDS displays you are in luck and they will have code directly for it. If not, then you’ll have to use that code and adapt. If your carrier board differs, then you’ll also have to adapt their device tree for your carrier.

Hi linuxdev,
thanks for your feedback.

When you say “adapt the code” you mean to adapt the device tree or also the kernel code?

If there is kernel code to adapt, what is the specific code that needs to be modified?

Thank you very much

Definitely the device tree, but each device tree is used by a driver in the kernel. If simply changing the data were enough, then the driver would not need change. I know nothing about your particular LVDS display, but Toradex does have some support for LVDS. If Toradex provides a driver which will work for your display, then it would be a matter of experimenting with the parameters the driver sees…some of which are passed on the command line, and others which are passed via device tree (well, a device tree is sort of passed on command line, but it is through a standard mechanism…eventually it all gets passed to the driver and it is up to the driver if or how to use the tree or other command line parameters).

Each LVDS will have different valid clocks and timings. I would expect this is a starting point. The layout of the hardware which corresponds to the wiring of the LVDS is another point…this often has its main dependency from the carrier board. Carrier board support packages include this. Once that is in, then you can possibly tune existing drivers which Toradex would have included. I couldn’t tell you anything specific about any particular LVDS, they are all custom and without standardization (some wiring would be the same among them, but timings are not standardized).

Thanks for your reply