touchscreen or dual monitor investigation

@WayneWWW: Have any other than “AUO 14” 1080p eDP panel"[] eDP panels been tested with tx2 by now?
How could eDP panel be connected to eDP port? Is is 1.2 version of eDP which is used with the AUO? Which connection cable is required?
Would tx2 support smth. like ? It seems to have eDP 1.2 input port.

Hi Andrey1984,

I need to check if we’ve tested any other eDP panel on tx2. As for the connection of eDP, you could refer to the OEM product design guide.

Hi WayneWWW,
Thank you for your reply!

Hi Andrey1984,

I confirmed internally that we don’t verify any other eDP panel yet.

Thank you for letting me know!

To clarify:
If I order “AUO 14” 1080p eDP panel" - does it come with the required connector “out of the box” or some adapters should be bought to use with tx2?

Have you tested the AUO eDP with 27.1 at tx2?

I have skimmed the “OEM Design Guide” but that have given me no idea if the AUO eDP will require an adapter to connect with tx2.

it seems that the AUO eDP has 30pins lvds port for video

Hi Andrey1984,

Actually, most of eDP cases are customer specific. That is, we don’t provide a connector that match to every eDP panel with tegra, but ask customer to design their own connector board with the OEM design guide, and so does AUO eDP.

We’ve tested AUO eDP panel in following platform: TK1 with r21.5, TX1 with r24.2.

TX2 has not yet started the test.

Chinese guys should be manufacturing and distributing custom boards, as it seems to me.
Once there are more tests with tx2 - please publish the results.
I am using tx2 as a Desktop and looking for a simple solution for getting a second display connected.

To clarify: Does the AUO eDP have a custom board which could be ordered or need a custom board to be designed?

May be something like from the list could be picked up to use with AUO eDP without making a custom board on oneself?

Hi WayneWWW,

Do you have plan for testing eDP panel in TX2?
Would you list all the supported eDP in TX2?