LVDS or DP access via software

I am trying to interface the TX2 to a transmitter (not a display) which uses 1LVDS channel (1 pair) and 1 clock channel. I believe that I can modify the DP pins to act as TX2 output. Couple of questions…

  1. Can someone point me a to hardware/cable that connects the display connector on the dev kit to eDP? I can ‘extract’ only the required pins to send data to the transmitter.

  2. Any pointer to any code to send data via the eDP pins?

Thanks in advance.


If I understand your question correctly, OEM product design guide should help you how the hardware configuration.

We also provide a eDP reference board (auo-eDP) there.

Device tree -> tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c00-00-auo-1080p-edp.dts
Panel driver-> panel-a-edp-1080p-14-0.c