Is it possible to output eDP mode through the HDMI port

My TX1 now can output HDMI + eDP with R28.1,
Is it possible to make the both output as DP or eDP?
We tried to modify according to the eDP method,
But it doesn’t work.
Pls comment.


“We tried to modify according to the eDP method” -> What method did you try?

With reference to this ,


In fact, we don’t have much experience for “DP” on tx1.

For eDP, the board selection is based on the XML file, but HDMI/DP does not need it.

Let’s work on this step by step.
First, I think you should replace all hdmi-display related in dt to dp-display.


Could you provide a git patch to sync up the source code status, and we will try that with our carries board and provide the log to you?

We did it by ourselves.

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