Path in animate people tutorial

Some weeks ago I followed Omniverse Anim people Tutorial and it worked great. Was trying to use it for a project today and had issues finding the path (\omni\anim\people\scripts) it mentioned. Im running Isaac Sim headless in docker. The folder structure shows that Isaac sim files are parallel to root. Where should that path be found?
Extra info: When I ran it some weeks ago I used local Isaac sim installation, I’m currently trying to use it on a docker installation, that might be the cause

Hi I’ve moved your question to the Isaac Sim forum where they’ll be more familiar with the Docker container.


Isaac Sim root in docker container is /isaac-sim.

You can find the omni.anim.people extension scripts at /isaac-sim/extscache/omni.anim.people-0.1.4/omni/anim/people/scripts

The issue is that /isaac-sim is not showed in the local paths when using stream client and connecting to an omniverse docker container


You can create a bookmark to Isaac Sim root path by editing/creating the /root/.nvidia-omniverse/config/omniverse.toml file and adding the following content:

isaac-sim = "/isaac-sim/"

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