pci/agp cuda enabled cards

Hi there,
I have an old pc with agp 8x support. I need to develop an application with CUDA and I need to find a compatible cards that is pci or agp.
I have found the sparkle (http://www.sparkle.com.tw/) that seem to be pci and of series 8 and 9 (so compatible with cuda).
Can someone tell if the PCI Series of sparkle is really compatible with cuda? I really don’t need full performance but full compatibility.

tnx very much,

I don’t think that any CUDA cards (the 8-series and up) were made with an AGP connector. I know that there are a couple of people here who have tried one of the PCI cards (like an 8400); they “work” in the sense that you can use them to start playing with CUDA, but the speeds are abysmal (for CUDA, anyway) because the PCI bus is quite slow. If you need something compatible though, that will be a start.

EDIT: I think eVGA makes an 8400 GS that is PCI…though you should look around and see if there are any better ones.

Thank you very much, I’ll take a look.

I need only a device that is cuda-enabled to do a project for a course …


The last thing:

did you know if it works in emulation mode or normale mode with those pci-cards?

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It will run in hardware, although the transfers will be slow. You don’t need a CUDA compatible card to run in emulation mode.